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Car locksmith, safe locksmith, commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, high security home installations. Electronic locks. 

In Parkland and all neighboring cities.



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High security home system installations.
Safe unlock.


Electronic security systems.
High security installations.
Security consulting for employees.

Over 15 years of experience

We’ve worked coast to coast. Prior to settling in South Florida we got flown out to San Francisco for speciality jobs.

Swift Locksmith was initially established in 2004 to provide car lockout services to all of New York.

As our business expanded, and as we moved (eventually to this beautiful sunshine,) we became accustomed to all of the different technologies out there.

We use the latest and greatest technology.

Every time theres a new machine we train our employees to work on it. ie cutting machines key-cutting machines programming remotes.  Compare that to all these outdated locksmiths down here.


We have the newest training on all the locks along with the ever-changing technology of any new security systems.

Home security device types

There's a lot of different locks out there.

When it comes to picking a locksmith, you don’t want to pick some rookie kid who watched a video about locksport and thinks he can go out and make money.

Not only is such a person not reputable (or trustworthy,) but such a person fails to humble themselves in realizing the endless scope of different style security systems that exist out there.

While it is true that everyone specializes in a specific niche of technology,  a truly elite locksmithing company , however, has a broad field of knowledge that takes more than four years in Locksmithing college to accumulate!

From old school New York doorknobs and safes, to sophisticated electronic security systems.  We realized the vast, endless amount of technologies to learn about!


With 2 decades of experience, it's safe to assume that we've been around the block once or twice.

We regularly monitor our technicians.

No other company does that. 

We require that our technicians pass an extensive background check so that we feel at ease when we send them to you. 

COVID Locksmith

We practice social distancing.
We wear masks and gloves​.

It’s part of our new reality and in order to protect you, we adhere to the strictest COVID-19 guidelines.

We never stop. We understand that in a fast-changing world, we need to change too.

We fix damaged and broken keys, we replace locks after burglaries, we reprogram keys, we make new keys for lost car keys.

Our prices are great!

All our clients are important to us, and we show it.

Some people think that a locksmith service is needed only for when they forget their house keys. Not true.




Most people only begin looking for a locksmith when they need one, and that is when they hire the wrong one.

We maintain our clientele for years because we value our clients and want to continue being their go-to locksmith for all their needs.
We stand behind our word.
We do not promise what we cannot deliver.
We are transparent and extremely timely.

We understand you are in a hurry.  So are we.

Our AUtomotive Locksmithing services include:

Within 15 minutes of hanging up the phone after you call us, we will dispatch the closest locksmith to you so you don’t have to wait for lock repair, key repair or replacement.

Our Residential Locksmithing services include:

Our Commercial Locksmithing services include:

It is the list of our past customers that is our most valuable asset. 

We are there to serve, and we do just that. 

We are Swift Locksmith.


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Locksmith near me. Lock re-key.

We’re available 24 hours a day. Every day except Saturday.

(We’re available Saturday night.)

No matter what job you need, we have got you covered.

We install cameras, sensors, smart homes, all security systems.

In today’s world, as the economy gets worse and the world gets less stable, it is more important than ever that you secure your home, your business, your belongings so that your loved ones can be safe and that you can have the possessions necessary to provide for them.

Violent crime and property crime are on the rise at an unprecedented rate.

Locksmiths don’t only open locks. We protect your families.  We are an extremely effective layer of security that everyone can afford.

When googling locksmiths near me, it is very difficult to discern between the legitimate and illegitimate listings near you.

You do not want a bad locksmith.

There are plenty of listings online, websites, ads, facebook pages, craigslist postings, These locksmithing companies will look legitimate, they’ll have nicely designed logos, decently designed websites, they’ll promise you quick service, fast dispatch time, they may even claim to be cheap.  They may even have fake ratings that they paid for.

But in the end, these companies will screw you over, They will go through your valuables, they may break your locks due to inexperience, they may overcharge you, and they may backdoor the security systems they installed which would allow them later to pull a heist on you.

So how do you tell a good locksmith from a bad one?


When it comes to us, you know who you’re dealing with.  You know who we are.  We pray with you. We live next to you. We put our home address on Google Maps for crying out loud.  

Our kids go to school with you.  We are contributing members of this community and we put ourselves out there a lot more than these locksmithing company CEOs who live in secrecy and only worship the dollar.


There have been many occasions when our staff have arrived to customers who have been duped by phony locksmiths, so in order for you to not get duped by a bad locksmith and pick a good one, you need to verify these things with the locksmith:

Be sure to verify that the company you’re hiring for the job is a local company, not that they’re subcontracting some local guys to do the job and give them a slice.  


There are a lot of nationwide companies who will advertise online pretending to be local and will lure you with fake low pricing just so they could send out their subcontractors (not even their employees) who will gauge the price and quote you other than the quote you got over the phone .(No one will unlock your car for 15$.  Just do the math. Think of the company’s overhead by paying subcontractors,thousands and thousands of dollars for aggressive marketing and hiring dispatchers who get bonus commission for each job they close.   Just by doing this simple math you can understand you are being fooled.)

A real locksmithing company will provide you with a flat rate over the phone.

It may sound to you as a high price, but what they quote you over the phone is the price you will be charged.  Period.

That’s what makes a local locksmith better. 

A good local G-d fearing locksmith should hold near and dear to their heart that integrity and honesty are what create repeating clientele. 

Therefore, a local locksmith will aim to give you the best deal he can afford in order to get your car, house, or business locks fulfilled.


We can also finagle with these systems and get them working the way you want them to.

The problem with a lot of these locksmiths (especially if they’re working on high-security systems for high net-worth clients) is that since they built the system, they can backdoor their way into the system and pull a heist.

That’s why it’s very important that you personally know and trust who you’re doing business with. We’re very open, friendly, and we put ourselves out there in a way that not a lot of other locksmiths do.

We don’t do subcontractors.  All jobs are done by us.

That means you will not be victim of price-gouging like most other locksmith companies in the area do.

We’re locals. Shop local. It’s best for you.

Swift offers a complete service.   We have technicians that specialize in every single possible security technology! 

From cars, to homes, to special safes, to the most difficult locks in the world!  From jammed up locks, to dirtied up locks, rusted up locks, 


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